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Benefits of CLC

Why Milli Gram Blocks ?

Light Weight
Reduces 60%, of the dead load on structure results in minimum 15 to 20%, saving in foundation & structural cost. Better Earthquake resistant Possibility of additional floors on old structures and best for high rise structure.

Sound Insulation
CLC have natural acoustic insultation due to its cellular structure and has superior sound absorbing properties leads to significantly reduced indoor noise compared to any other materials.

Moisture, Pests & Hold Resistant
Does not rot, is not attacked by termites, does not absorb moisture into its core, and in mold mildew resistant resulting in less maintenance & contains no VOCs. Breathable materials that removes toxins from air 8. naturally maintains a low relative humidity and frost resistant.

Thermal Insultation
Due to numerous individual micropores structure energy efficient with high equivalent R. Values & small A/C systems. It keeps interiors cool & warm in winter.

Fire Resistance
It is non-combustible materials and has a melting point of opprox 1500 degree centigrade much higher than other building materials. No toxic fumes are generated during a fire.

Design flexibility
Has excellent work ability can be nailed, planned, drilled, swan using conventional tools. Will take all traditional surface finishes plaster, paint, tiles, etc. Does not require special mortar.

Density 700 - 800 kg/m3 550-650 kg/m3 2200 -2400 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 20 - 25 kg/cm3 30 - 35 kg/cm3 30 - 60 kg/cm3
Aging Gains Strength with age No Gain Gain
Water Absorption 8-12% more than 50% results in expansion , contraction & shrinkage cracks 20%
Thermal Conductivity Superior than any Block Superior Normal
Sound Absorption Superior than any Block Superior Normal
Ease of Working Can be cut, nail & drilled Can be cut, nail & drilled difficult
Eco Friendly Yes Yes None
Usage Insulation, Load Non Load bearing , partition Insulation, Load Non Load bearing , partition load Non Load bearing