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As a building material, cellular light weight concrete (CLC) also known as aerated or foamed concrete delivers a more complete sustainable solution by significantly reducing the amount of raw materials needed & the energy required to mold into a shape for construction. A reduction in material usage is achieved while also providing outstanding energy efficiency & thanks absence of toxic materials or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) excellent air quality.

Presenting Milligram CLC blocks from Ahanth Enterprise. it is made from environment friendly raw materials like fly ash with advanced technology machines and German foaming solution.


Light Weight

Reduces 60%, of the dead load on structure results in minimum 15 to 20%, saving in foundation & structural cost. Better Earthquake resistant Possibility of additional floors on old structures and best for high rise structure.

Sound Insulation

CLC have natural acoustic insulation due to its cellular structure and has superior sound absorbing properties leads to significantly reduced indoor noise compared to any other materials.


Thermal Insultation

Due to numerous individual micropores structure energy efficient with high equivalent R. Values & small A/C systems. It keeps interiors cool & warm in winter.


Fire Resistance

It is non-combustible materials and has a melting point of approx 1500 degree centigrade much higher than other building materials. No toxic fumes are generated during a fire.